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Monday, 29 August 2011

Almost too good to be true

After a weekend of matrimonial shenanigans, as soon as I got on the train to come home, the iBetmate app was open to find out what prices were available for the Man U v Arsenal game. Could barely believe my eyes when the Draw price came up at 4.6, an absolute gift. Arsenal were yet to score their first Premier League goal, their team was in total disarray and, though I have a great deal of respect for Arsene Wenger, the manager does seem to be missing a few too many tricks of late. The possibility of the Gunners coming away from Old Trafford with a point was far to remote for me. I laid the draw for a great deal more than I would were it a standard trade, as my confidence was high that the draw price would drift. Sure enough, ten minutes before KO, it was 5.6. All but my standard lay stake left in, potential profit was now huge, thanks to the drift.
Hadn't seen any football for more than 48 hours and the withdrawal was almost unbearable, this was made worse by the train companies deciding Bank Holiday Sunday was the ideal time to schedule engineering works, making my 1 hour journey into nearly 4 hours... 
For me, Man Utd looked frighteningly good. From the off they looked like they would run away with the game and final result (8-2, if you were on Mars) bears this out. After Welbeck got the first, it always looked like a white-wash and when VP missed the penalty, they were never coming back. An awesome performance. The injury to Welbeck was disappointing,  I was very much looking forward to seeing him against Buglaria on Friday. A cracking trade made all the better by the Arsenal price in the Winners Market drifting even further. 
Pretty trappy card today. Only one candidate for me - Haka v Helsinki. I've placed my lay at 5's but if I'm not matched, I'll leave it.
Rosenborg v Odd Grenland almost made it on to the sheet but unless Rosenborg can find a two goal lead, the chances of making enough profit are slim. Plus OG have failed to score in just two of their last 10 away league games.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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