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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The continuing over reaction to Manchester City

On another blog, I wrote a piece regarding the over reaction to Aguero and Manchester City's win over Swansea, their first game of the season. It was a good display from both sides and Swansea certainly did not look like chumps, at least for the first 45 minutes...
Anyway, a mate of mine who was watching the Bolton v Man City game really made me laugh by texting and saying "Really fancy City this season. Think they've got the squad to do well, particularly in the Champions League". To which my reaction was "Really? And you're basing that on two games, one against a promoted side and the other against a diminished side, who may well be fighting for their place, later in the season."
Man City are good. They should be. All that money etc but are they really good enough yet? Last night Man Utd proved again why they are so fancied to retain the title, a second half change of gear saw an emphatic win over a Spurs who, after 60 minutes, began to show they needed the game for match fitness.

I wrote another piece about who I fancy to be good trading this season. With some of the 55's about Spurs already taken, the 95's currently available is a gift and their later run of fixtures will see that price crash. An Arsenal lay came good even quicker than expected - in at 10's with all liability removed at 26's. The back of Man Utd has been surprisingly up and down but I shall stick with it and the original plan of backing them again at Xmas.

Tonight is Carling Crap night with some spurious Champions League qualifiers thrown in. Only one game worth the bread and butter and that's QPR v Rochdale. The rest will be in-play, if at all.

Whatever you trade, stay green.


  1. It was a shocking QPR performance. The manager's post match interview suggested that this game was more like a training session than anything serious. His attitude was mirrored by the players as they produced a woeful performance for the few paying supporters, like me, that made the effort to turn up.

    Trading the early rounds of the Carling Cup can be viewed as either games to avoid or a big opportunity to trade the underdog for rich pickings!

  2. Sorry your boys let you down, Andy. Maybe a back of the dog next time? A win-win situation.