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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cup games, they're not for everyone.

Last night's Carling Cup games delivered the inevitable shocks we've come to expect. Most notably, Norwich going down at home 0-4 to MK Dons.
Prior to last night's away win over QPR, Rochdale manager Keith Hill said you never know which Premiership clubs are taking the Carling Cup seriously. Many traders give cup games, particularly in the early rounds, a wide berth for just the same reason. Fortunately for Mr. Hill, and this trader, QPR decided to focus on other things.
Personally, I feel these games represent great opportunities. It is true, you never can tell which clubs will try and win but in most games, at this early stage, when a Premiership team is involved, one team is likely to make great endeavours and the other is likely to be lethargic in their approach to the game, leaving the game very one sided. The QPR v Rochdale game was the only game I was happy to trade, for the simple reason that Mr. Hill made it clear he wanted a Premiership scalp and because it was very likely, and eventually true, that Neil Warnock would want to rid himself of the burden of additional games that might injure or wear out his squad.
All my efforts were focused on this game, so nothing done in-play elsewhere. Slightly short of target on the night but a decent green.

Tonight, I'll be focusing on the Benfica v Twente game. Benfica can get away with a 0-0 but, at 2-2, Twente will push for the away goal and leave themselves open. Got some free green on 0-0, so laying the draw here and looking to lay .5 markets in-play.
Interested in the Everton v Sheffield Utd game too but until teams are announced, I'll keep a watching brief.
I'm currently testing a "The Dog Scored First" get out and fancy Sheffield Wednesday to put Blackburn on the back foot. Again though, these are cup games and you know cup games, they're not for everyone

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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