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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What is the real likelihood of England winning Euro 2012?

Invariably, the price for England to win a tournament is much lower than it should be, based on "home" money and history. Right now, England are 10's for Euro 2012, which isn't far away on my ratings, they have been as high as 12's.
Our group really is a very easy one and we should have done a great deal better than the three wins we've had. However, whilst Fabio will wish to leave on a high after this tournament, the really good work has and is likely to continue to be done by, your friend and mine, Psycho Stuart Pearce and his U21 squad. It is distinctly possible probable, he will fill Fabio's shoes and it would not be a surprise to hear this announced pre June 8th, next year.
Danny Rose, Phil Jones, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong, Martin Kelly are just some of the players, from the U21 squad, currently playing for Premiership sides, who could be picked for the tournament. Add these very good, very skillful players to what is fast becoming the "Old Guard" and their might be a team with enough gumption to take on the might of Spain and Germany. A little dabble today at 10's, then adding here and there as we lead up to the tournament proper. I doubt they will trade that much higher, regardless of how bad they might be in the coming group games.

Update from Monday - Helsinki went as expected, going 0-2 up in the first half. Left a scratch (no loss) on the draw with a bigger green (profit) on the win. Nice trade.
The Rosenborg game ended 7-0. Instincts were right but if we don't have trading rules and filters to live by, we'd trade every game and be skint!

Awful card today. If you trade, stay green.

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