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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fantasy football..?

...unbelievable more like.

After watching a 0-0 in Norway, I caught a pig plane and flew to a rocking horse sh*t farm before going home to brush my hen's teeth.
I'm always ready and prepared for the dreaded 0-0 but, when it comes in a game like last night's, where neither side have had a 0-0 all season long, it's rather annoying. However, that wasn't the only shock of the night. Stuttgart, heavy favourites, were beaten 1-2 by a Hamburg side who had scored just one away goal, had lost five and drawn one of six games. Fortunately, Stuttgart did get the first and I traded out at half time for a decent green that, sadly, only recouped some of the loss from the Molde 0-0.
The thing to remember, as yesterday's post suggested, we only need to be right most of the time...

Seemed like every man and his dog were trading these two games and, for a while, I thought my blog following must be larger than it is, until I realised Ian Erskine had suggested the same two games. There is some solace in that.

Some great games today but not that many that qualify. I'll be watching both Manchester games as well as the Liverpool game and taking them on in-play. Really interested to see how Arsenal get on today but I'll keep my bank well clear of that. Today's picks - Charlton v Chesterfield & Sheffield Wednesday v Exeter.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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