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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Glory, glory Man Utd.

Match action from Leeds United v Manchester United.

Utd are an unstoppable force this season. Even with very much the 2nd eleven, they are formidable.
Some how, around lunchtime yesterday, the draw price was pushed in from 4.8 to 4.4! Why anyone would think this game would end a draw is beyond me entirely, but I took great advantage of the price, then sat back to watch the money buyers and fans come in from work and back Utd in, pushing the draw back out. It was 5.3 at KO.
The writing was on the wall from the out set and it took the massively under utilised Michael Owen just 15 minutes to remind us of his talent, then his even better reminder put Utd 0-2 up on 32 minutes. Another piece of sheer class from Giggs, who seems to get better and better with age, put them 0-3 up and unreachable. Whilst Utd were magnificent up front, it has to be said, they were awful at the back and a better opponent would've made that tell.
Managed to scalp some free green on the 1-3 pre game which was greened on 70 minutes. A lovely trade all round.
The "Value" draw lay came in too, with Real Sociedad bagging the winner on 63 minutes.

Tonight we see more from the Carling Cup. Sadly, nothing so obvious as last night. Can't touch Liverpool. West Brom might actually be value at Everton, they almost scraped draws against both Utd and Chelsea, should've beaten Norwich by more but the Swansea defeat is the question mark, will have a dabble in-play.
Southampton v Preston is today's pick but I'll be looking to get cover on 1-1. The "Value" draw lay for today is Syrianska v Orebro.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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