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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Greuther Furth 2 - 1 MSV Duisburg.

G Furth v Duisburg
German football is great to watch. The fans are exactly that - fanatical - and create a fantastic atmosphere, regardless of how mediocre or inconsequential the game might be. 
The first half of last night's game was quite mediocre. GF were slow from the blocks and Duisburg certainly won the first half on points but GF came out with some gusto in the second half and nicked one on 59 minutes, then another was scrambled over the line on 64 minutes. The draw price was a massive 42 when the game suspended again, Duisburg had managed to get one back just 2 minutes after the real money goal. The game finished 2-1 but the green was taken after the market settled soon after the Duisburg goal, which was pretty special, it has to be said. 

Plenty to go at today, up to now I'm taking on three. May add to it later but these are already through the filters.
Dundee v Rangers
Cardiff v Doncaster
Mjallby v Norrkoping.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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