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Monday, 12 September 2011

Late on parade

Lovely trade last night on the Molde v Brann game. Wasn't sure we'd get the opportunity, apparently the fella that rides the bike with the dynamo on it fancied a day off, so there were no floodlights. Fortunately, he was found in the nearby drinker and told to urr, get on his bike! Game kicked off about an hour late in the end but it didn't take long for Molde to find the net, two nice goals for a very nice green. 
I too am late on parade today. Couldn't quite make my mind up on the Inter Turku v Honka game. The draw price crashed this morning but there was no info as to why. It went down to 3.65, all my stats said yes and there was nothing, other than the steaming price, to say no. Took it on at 3.7, Inter have just scored...
Sorry I didn't post it before but I've been busy today.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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