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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Champions League - Tuesday 13th, Sept.

Oh, why hasn't Roman called me?

Poor old Pep. Great game for the neutral but sadly lacking in the quality we have come to expect. My focus was on the Chelsea, Porto and Arsenal games, so I may have missed any real flashes that did appear.
Chelsea laid siege to the Leverkusen goal for much of the match but took until the 68th minute to hit the net. Timing could not have been better, as the exit point was more than fast approaching.
Porto's keeper, Helton, made a calamitous error, spilling the ball for Adriano to poke home and put S. Donetsk 0-1 up. Hulk hit the woodwork with an early penalty but blasted a 30+yard free kick to put Porto level. Rakitskiy, also responsible for giving away the penalty, saw a straight red just before HT and when Porto took the lead on 51 minutes, they never looked in any danger. Nice green on both draw lays.
Annoyingly, the dutching of correct scores was not so profitable. Genk v Valencia finished 0-0, though  I suspect Genk had a great deal of luck as Valencia's stats were through the roof.
Dortmund got a late equaliser for 1-1 which, in truth, should've been on my dutched list but I over estimated the German side.

My screens will be on the Manchester sides tonight but today's picks are Valarenga v Odd Grenland and Inter Milan v Trabzonspor. Dutching the CS in Valarenga game too - Once I'm more confident with these, I might post them.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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