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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chelsea's Frank Lampard (L) celebrates his goal in front of Valencia's David Albelda during their Champions League Group E match at the Mestalla stadium in Valencia September 28, 2011. REUTERS/Sergio Perez
Right on, Frank.

Reminiscent of Tommie Smith in the1968 Olympics but with a great deal less meaning, Frank Lampard salutes a tough fought point at the Mestalla. Chelsea should have won but I backed 1-1, so all was far from lost. 
It never ceases to amaze me how some traders/gamblers will back something for big money, at really short prices and they seem to do so without thought of recent form. Arsenal traded at a ridiculous 1.09 after scoring the second on 20 minutes. This would have been a good opportunity had it been 20 minutes left but with almost 80% of the game left to play, it was a gift. Olympiakos scored seven minutes later and I retired for the day not long after.
The Europa League often throws up a decent game or two, unfortunately, today is not one of those days. Nothing on the draw lays today, which should give me plenty of time to focus on the new horse racing service. 
I've downloaded the Ebook/Manual which has the usual Money Management & Psychology stuff, never to be underestimated and always to be read, regardless of how often we see it. After which come the three strategies. The first is nothing new, however, the entry point is very clear and makes sense but I strongly suspect this strategy works much better on particular types of race, certainly not all. I followed the entry in some races and there was evidence of how it would be successful.
The opportunity to implement the second strategy comes, by the author's admission, very rarely. It did not appear yesterday so I cannot comment but it's not something I've seen before and based on the logic, it should be effective.
The last strategy appears to be what the service is built around. Strategies one and two may well work but all the training videos, which are very good, clear and concise, show this third strategy in use. Again, the basis is not something new but the practice is. It makes perfect sense. I traded some races for small stakes and, where I did not make my own mistakes, I took a green. What I like most is the trading style -  putting on headphones, no TV, just zoning into the numbers. It does take some skill and will take time to perfect. But the basis is very clear and only the skill needs to be perfected, rather than some Jedi insight into why the market is going this way or that. Both my BF accounts have P&L for other trading on so it's difficult to show P&L for this but I'll report it as best I can.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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