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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Scotland 1-0 Lithuania. Running to the script.

Steven Naismith and Marius Zaliukas

Lovely night of trading, last night. Had the average goal time of the Scotland game down as 44 minutes, so was expecting a late one. Which meant I could comfortably back 0-0 at KO, leave it in and trade out at 6's to cover, should the game finish goal-less. Fortunately, Scotland grabbed one not long after HT and the price went out to a fairly generous 8.8. Straight out with a nice green.
Was really surprised at the backlash after the England performance. I laid them and backed 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 and 2-1, couldn't see them trouncing Wales in the way everyone seemed to expect. The inclusion of Frank "I'll pass it every way except forward" Lampard was never a great one, IMO. Still not sure why he's playing Johnson through the middle. I know he scored but his link up with Rooney is likely to be much better from the left. 
Did a similar trade on the Switzerland v Bulgaria game. Bulgaria went 0-1 up quite early so I took the green on the lay and left the scores in. Came out for a nice green on both after Switzerland went 2-1 up.

Having a little tickle on the golf this week. Hansen made for really good trading in the PGA, so a small back @ 30's in the KLM might pay dividends, we'll see.

No football today. Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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