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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tales of the unexpected - Night of the Underdog.

The goal is over there!

You tell 'em Gasper! Talk about a lacklustre performance, Inter were more Championship than Champions League and Trabzonspor totally deserved their win. Why Gasperini didn't start with Milito or at least bring him on earlier is beyond me. The first time I've had to trade at 0-0 for ages. They do happen and, it goes without saying, it's in games you don't expect.
The same can be said for Valarenga. No team news suggested it but, looking at the stats on 30 minutes, I got the distinct impression Valarenga's frontline were on holiday. I waited until 40 minutes, the stats didn't improve, so I traded out. The game finished 0-1 to Odd Grenland. Two games traded, two losses. The CS dutch blew out as well.
Man U had to come back after a brilliantly crafted Benfica goal, City had to scrape a draw against a very impressive Napoli, Real Madrid struggled to a 0-1 win, A draw for Lille and Ajax. Only Bayern and Basel proved their worth.

Today's card is a minefield and after a bit of a mauling yesterday, I'm taking today off.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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