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Friday, 9 September 2011

TPS 2 - 1 Helsinki. Should I stay or should I go?

Bloody red cards. Far too frequent these days. Serie A and La Liga seem to be the worst culprits but the amount of contact allowed these days, or lack of it, is very quickly turning the best of contact sports into anything but.
Helsinki found the necessary goal only to concede a penalty and forfeit a man just 5 minutes later. At 1-1, I bit the bullet and traded out. Without the red card my usual MO would be to stay in but my fear is the now 10 man favourite will play for the point. TPS went to 2-1 on 61 minutes and that's how it stayed, sad but true.
Some aggressive traders will suggest I should have stayed in, some might suggest leaving the red on the Draw and a scratch on a win. Perfectly reasonable plays and plays I may have made on a different game but, against the stats, I made the right play for me.
Sundsvall v Varnamo went way above my laying limit pre KO, so that was left alone. Unlikely it would've been a loser but not much profit there either.
Fortunately, Anders Hansen played a blinding first round in the KLM. Backed @ 30's, he can now be laid at 9.8.

Just one for today - It only crept through the filters, so I'll steal some cover here and there.
Greuther Firth v MSV Duisburg

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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