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Monday, 19 September 2011

Trading the fixture list.

Chelsea's Ashley Cole tackles Manchester United's Javier Hernandez
Could someone explain why Cole got carded but there was no penalty?

Man Utd are, have been and will continue to be rampant this season. I laid the Man Utd v Arsenal draw because it was blatantly obvious that Utd would win. For some strange reason, I neglected to do the same yesterday, despite having the same instinct.
Once an ardent Chelsea fan, now I simply prefer to see the game played well. No one could argue yesterday's game was a good example of that.
Though I didn't take a profit from the game itself, my season back of Utd moved further into the green.
At the beginning of this season I sent my season picks to the members of, can't find the email now but basically, I suggested backing Man Utd, laying Arsenal and backing and laying Spurs.
Spurs' fixtures have offered some great opportunities and, IMO, are worth backing now to trade out just before they meet Chelsea in December.
Laid at 10's, we all know what's happened to Arsenal...
Finally, Man Utd. Ordinarily, like last year, my trade would be closed until Xmas when Utd have a positive surge in form. However, other than Liverpool and Man City, their fixture list is not one to be concerned about, so I'm letting it run.
Whilst I have never been called modest, I'm not showing these graphs to blow my own trumpet. These are just some of the other ways of using the markets in conjunction with the forthcoming fixtures. It's something I do at the beginning of each season and continue to do throughout and is always very profitable.

Two very nice trades yesterday with Helsingborg going 3-0 up in the first half, bagging 100% and Tromso finding the net in the run up to Half Time. Stoke were woeful at Sunderland and their 4-0 drubbing proves why I am a trader not a tipster...
Finally reached a big financial milestone in trading yesterday, so feeling particularly positive right now.
AIK is the pick today, the draw price has steamed in over the last hour or two, can't find any news as to why but I'll keep my eye on it. Taking a speculative punt and laying U6.5 goals in the Rosenborg v Start game. They avg 5 per game between them and it's as cheap as chips.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 


  1. I thought I'd try this LTD strategy, and the next game that was starting was Rio Ave vs Sporting Lisbon.

    Is it always this easy? ;-)

  2. Lol, I wish! That was an interesting game, and although I didn't lay the draw I did lay Sporting at 0-2 and Rio fought back to 2-2! That's not usually that easy either!

    Good call on Rosenborg, Lamb, hope you greened it??