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Saturday, 15 October 2011

And the answer is...

My previously posted dilemma asked the question; Given my new found success in trading nags and the free time it afforded me, should I trade nags, football or both?  The answer, of course, is both.
The potential to make a great deal more profit from trading both sports is too good. The major concern was having less time and a reduced quality of life, the solution then is to find a way of trading both sports and doing so within a given time frame. My brain would've worked this out eventually but, thankfully, yesterday's trading served me the answer on a plate.
Short on time as I am most Friday's, an hour was spent confirming the Valarenga v Viking game was the trade pick. Then off to get Lambretta Jr. for our traditional, weekly lunch date at Waitrose, before a swimming lesson and then his guaranteed nap in the car. I finally got to my desk in time for the 3.35. This race and the following twelve were all traded to a profit. Not one losing race in thirteen. Not only that but a massive 13.60% was added to the trading bank. So, the answer was clear. Even on a day when time is already short, the opportunities to generate very good profit and enjoy the life I have are still available.

This week two emails have asked why there is no P&L published on this blog. Two simple reasons for this 1) What I earn is between me, Mrs. Lambretta and the bank. 2) My P&L is completely irrelevant to anyone else's.
The idea that most sports traders make enormous amounts of money and continually receive calls from some fella called Riley, asking for his life back, are complete myth. Sadly, such myth is perpetuated by numerous people. I read the Bet Angel blog recently and Peter suggested he'd made £700+ before finishing his morning ablutions. I don't doubt that's true but Peter is in a minority on his own.
If you are serious about your trading, do not waste time looking at anyone else's P&L other than your own. It serves to do nothing more than put pressure on yourself because you cannot understand why everyone else is making so much in comparison to you, the truth is very few are...

Great football card today. Man Utd have not been really tested away yet and both W Brom and Stoke gave them a run. Chelsea's record at home to Everton is not great and I'll be laying them and backing Correct Scores. Today's LTD pick is Schalke v Kaiserslautern.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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