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Thursday, 20 October 2011

As per the script.

Decent day yesterday. Nothing spectacular with the nags. Football went really well, 100% on the Leicester draw. The previous three H2H's had been 4-2, 4-1 & 4-1, so I backed 3-1 and traded that out for 80% at HT. Jumped on the 0-0 in Marseille and chased it down to half time and greened that for 120%.
Barcelona were 1-0 up at HT and the stats said they'd had just 2 shots on target, Over 2.5 was still 1.39, which meant the Over 4.5 was low too, I laid it and the game finished 2-0. The Czech side can be justly proud of a great effort against the world's best.
Many people seemed to be giving Arsenal a hard time during last night's game. Fair enough they had a number of chances they should've taken, but so did Marseille. Many traders, including this one, give the French leagues a wide berth because they are notoriously low scoring, so it was surprising so many were critical that Arsenal didn't win sooner and by more. Deschamps is a master at grinding out results against the bigger sides, he and his team have cause to feel a little disappointed this morning.

A little thin on the ground today and the sparse card could throw up some odd results. However, Stoke have been remarkably consistent and very, very good in this European campaign. Tonight sees the return of Jones, Huth and Sorensen. Whilst Maccabi Tel Aviv are a decent side and are definitely better than the standard within the Israel Premier League, this may be too big a test for them. The draw looks cheap to me at the currently available 4.9.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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