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Thursday, 27 October 2011

...but the rent

Been a decent week, so far. Dutched the Arsenal v Bolton game and the 2-1 came in nicely, though Bolton scoring first meant having to take some cover. Dutched all four of last night's Carling Cup games. Had City down for the win but 1-3 was the highest I took. Were it not for their goal fest, the night would have been 100% successful. The late come back of Newcastle was particularly profitable.
Trading the Correct Score Market offers terrific value so, to go alongside The Filters page, I'll write another explaining dutching in better detail and how I personally trade the scores.
Nags have been very good this week too. After examining my losing races, the objective this week has been to dramatically reduce this number of losing races, obviously, but, with equal importance, reduce the average loss figure on those losing races, which has meant trading with even more discipline and securing better profit. Touch wood, it continues.

Card is not good today. Swedish Play-Off, tough Primera fixtures, one Norwegian fixture with no consequence but one game does catch the eye - Palermo v Lecce. Goals and a home win expected, making the current draw price of 4.2 a little on the cheap side.

Whatever you trade, stay green.


  1. If goals are expected, the draw price will not be cheap.

  2. As any good football trader will know, value is perceived and subjective.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. As so often with a game where goals are expected .... they signally fail to materialise! 57 mins and 1-0 Palermo. A speculative lay of 2.5 for this cynical old trader is in order I feel...

  4. Nice one, gun. I have a feeling the money goal came in time for you to trade out for green.

  5. It did indeed lamb, although tbh I just took my stake out for a free ride... which din't come off... never mind!