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Friday, 14 October 2011

Decisions, decisions and a swinging P&L

Yesterday was not a good day. After writing yesterday's post, unwittingly, I had forced myself into a frame of mind that was a total disaster waiting to happen. My approach to the markets was all wrong because I wanted the results of the day to show me where the greater advantages lay and therefore make the decision for me. In doing so, my nag trading was too aggressive. There were numerous big winning trades but these were interspersed with three massive reds, the third took me into minus figures for the day, at which point I stopped, walked away and returned to my desk for the game between TPS v MyPa.
Text book stuff, really. TPS had an opportunity to push for a Europa league spot but that was scuppered by the late equaliser. Decent green.
With a couple of races left at Kempton, the software was fired up again and a decent profit was made from the 8.20 and 8.50. Short on time today but the target is to do nothing more than trade to a modest, average figure across each race, rather than push for the big green.

There is one game for today. Valarenga have a chance to leapfrog Tromso and take third spot whilst Viking have little to play for.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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