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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Haystack needles

On first glance, today's fixture list looked to have a great many opportunities. Goteborg should beat Mjallby but fourth spot is all but sewn up... Villa only seem to be able to draw these days and the recent H2H's with Wigan are not good. City should trounce Blackburn but the game fails on the first set of filters. Southampton should coast past Watford but the Hornets have a really nasty habit of scoring first. The list of filter failures goes on until we reach Malaga v Getafe (My thinking has just been confirmed by an Ian Erskine email). Fortunately I managed to get the price before the FTS hoards descend. This is definitely the only game for me.

Nice trade last night. Managed to get 50% stake matched at 4.8, price was 5.3 at KO. Hoped for a later goal but Heracles scored on 12 minutes. Thanks to getting the 4.8, I was able to take a decent green at HT, when the price was 9.4.

More success with the nag trading. Only traded 11 races yesterday with just two losers. As there are so few games to trade and as my only pick KO's at 9pm, I'll spend the afternoon trading nags and keep an eye on futbol24 to see if any other opportunities arise.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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