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Saturday, 8 October 2011

No danger

John Terry attempts the Farting Crane move, to no avail.
My last tweet of the evening read "Job done. 0-2. Staying in for the duration". Actually the liability was removed at HT and the game finished a scratch. England visibly relaxed after the first, which was clearly poor defending from JT, and switched off after the second.
There are more people in my village than in Montenegro, they have to be congratulated on achieving a major milestone in their very short history. 
Knowing they only needed the draw and proving they could rather easily beat Montenegro seemed enough for the players, this is reflected in the Winners Market price which, as expected, hasn't changed. With Rooney missing, it may change when the first game is announced, depending on the opponent. 
A pessimistic friend sent a text which read "Why are England so sh*t?", I've asked him to lay them to me at 15's, he hasn't responded yet...

Time is always short on Friday's, taking Lambretta Jr. swimming and the like. By the time the PC's were switched on, the lethargy had kicked in and, though a profit was made, only a few races were traded. Today will be full on.

Not even looking at the in-play coupon. Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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