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Thursday, 6 October 2011

A nose in front

So far, so good.

Yesterday's nag trading was by far the best yet. Confidence was such that, within my Camtasia recordings, I can be heard singing along to, amongst others, Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson and Portishead. There is definitely a great deal more opportunity in certain races than others (I'd like to be more detailed but that would be unfair on the service provider) and it hasn't been difficult to recognise why certain races have been losers for me. Happily though, the errors are decreasing daily and the profit is increasing.

During this period of footballing reflection, one experiment being carried out is trying to discover how predictive odds can be. Using a filter on just Fav odds (no higher than 1.8), Draw odds (between 4 - 5), Over 2.5 odds (up to 1.9) and 0-0 odds (minimum 12's), the goal is to see how many games finish with a win for the favourite, the dog or draw. The sample number is small right now but there has been just one away win and no draws. Always worth dabbling in these things as new things can always be discovered.
MarketMatcher is a great tool to use for stuff like this, as well as being a massive time saver for filtering the card. Again, I'm recommending this tool because it's good and the guy who brought it to market is one of the good ones, I'm not on a commission.

This break from football is doing the world of good. Having time in the evening is great but the sh*t they put on the TV these days...

Whatever you trade, stay green.


  1. Having heard your dulcet tones in person, Lamb, please please please resist any urge to publish that video :-)

  2. Fear not, gun. That video, along with all the others, will remain the private property of Mrs. Lambretta...

  3. Lol. Won't ask about the others, then!