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Monday, 3 October 2011

Peaks and troughs

Regular readers will remember the suggestion to back Spurs, as their fixture list, up to the game with Chelsea, would see them trade a lot lower than the price available at the time. Thanks to their relatively easy win over Arsenal, the price crashed. The game was also good for the season lay of Arsenal. I cannot recommend enough taking the time to go through the fixtures to find long and short term trades.

After the disaster that was Saturday, yesterday got right back to form with three nice trades. The Finnish game certainly didn't go as expected but green is green, no matter where it comes from. Hacken took an uncomfortably long time to find their winner but find it they did. Helsingborg was text book.

This week is the beginning of another international break. Ordinarily, I loathe these breaks as they decimate the coupons and leave very few good opportunities but I'm welcoming this one as it will give me time to review recent results, make changes where necessary and, in particular, it gives me two weeks to focus on trading horses, something which I have become very excited about and am very much enjoying. Plus, there's a new set of filters that need some tweaking before the leagues return.

One selection for today - Aalesund v Start

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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