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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Racing, football or both?

What a dilemma. Not only was yesterday by far the best horse trading day yet, a whopping 11.44% was added to the trading bank. Amazing. Especially when you consider the day did not start well.
Trading football, when done properly, takes up a great deal of time with all the research and analysis. The best part of the day is taken up trawling through stats and numbers then, of course, you need to be at your desk and, ideally, watching the game to make the best of it and secure a position. There are many who take the same approach to trading horses and I'm aware most of them are enormously successful but that level of endeavour is not for me. This current nag trading set-up has no call for massive research. When punting, it was enjoyable for me to go through the form and hopefully find a winner but that was more to do with being right as opposed to making money.
Football research is laborious but my love for the game as well as the need to make a profit ensure there is some enjoyment in the work. Nag research is a great deal more involved and, without a huge passion for the sport, has the potential to become tedious. Being able to sit down not too long before the first race with, comparatively, very little preparation is a great attraction to me and the spare time this creates is more than welcome with a young family. Were I to trade both sports, to the same degree, the profit margin would certainly be greater but the quality of life would be guaranteed to suffer and, after all, it was quality of life that led me to this profession. Much pondering is needed.

Whilst my brain works through this dichotomy, it is necessary to continue with both in order to aid the decision. Consequently, we have a football pick for today - TPS v MyPa.

Whatever you trade stay green.


  1. Lamb

    I'm pretty sure you will be the only blog today who uses the word "dichotomy".



  2. Hi mate, love the blog. Any chance of a blog exchange please?