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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Raising the stakes

Such has been the success of my trading in the racing markets, yesterday the decision was made to increase the standard stake amount, it was doubled. In relation to the total trading bank, the overall liability is far from huge but, as still very much a novice at this, increasing the stake and liability was a big step. I took the precaution of requesting advice from Mark at before doing so and his response gave me enough confidence to go for it.
And, as could have been expected, based on the average profit for each day last week, the profit doubled too. The increased liability had no bearing on my ability to trade comfortably and effectively. Even so, it will be a lot more than a week before I consider increasing again. The really exciting thing is how this new string to my bow has ensured that a nice profit was made when football offered few or no opportunities. Plus, during the dark days of Winter, when staying in is all there is to do, trading nags will be a welcome way to fill the miserable afternoons.

No football again today but there might be something on the coupon tomorrow, from Finland.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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