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Monday, 31 October 2011

The reasons why you should.

The last two posts have focused on how tough it is to get going as a trader, how to safeguard and how to overcome the psychological barriers. All of which reads like this job is really tough and blah, blah, blah. It is hard work, of course it is, but show me a job that isn't and I'll show you a job you're bored with.
Being a full time trader means you answer to no one, (maybe the wife/significant other), you work when you want and, best of all, you get to watch sport all the live long day and, if you're any good, get paid for the privilege.
This morning my Xmas shopping began. At noon I'll pick up my son from nursery and we'll go for a nice lunch. Only after this will my working day really begin.
Trading may not be my career for the rest of my working life but right now I wouldn't be doing anything else.
If you want to be a trader, if you know you can make a living from the sporting markets and are willing to do what's necessary, then you will succeed. Never jeopardise the most important things, always have a back up plan. But, when you're ready, remember being defeated is only temporary, giving up will make it permanent.

Saturday was a perfect example of why trading can be so rewarding. The four dutched games went really well. The Wigan and Sunderland games only needed late adjustments to secure profit. The Everton v Man U game needed nothing. The Chelsea v Arsenal game was hard work. I backed AUQ at HT, when the game hit 2-3 I needed a goal from either side. Another from Arsenal gave me a scratch, a third from Chelsea would mean a cheap lay of 3-3 and I was really confident of a winner should that happen. Mata's sensational equaliser made it 3-3 and the price nose dived to 1.8. I dived in and Arsenal collared a nice profit from the lay and the AUQ back.
Didn't seem to be huge amounts of liquidity in the nag markets on Saturday but of 24 races traded, 22 were winners.
The later W. Brom v Liverpool game was easily dutched. Cover was taken on 0-3 at HT but never needed.
15.77% added to the nag bank and 6% to the football bank.

This year's X Factor is utter dishwater, the wife and I are really enjoying the US Version. To make the UK show more interesting, I've been trading the Winners Market since last week. With the exception of Craig Colton, I have a green book. Sophie was very cheap to lay on Saturday. I got Marcus Collins last week at 27's, Little Mix at 55's, Kitty at 42's, Frankie at 160. Laid the Risk at 3.75 and Janet Devlin at 3.1. Janet is still favourite but young girls are the main voters for this show, I'll green some up next week and leave lumps on Marcus and The Risk.

Draw pick for today is Valarenga v Fredrikstad. Valarenga have a chance for Europa League qualification, whilst Fredrikstad are likely to be focusing on their upcoming game with Start, with whom they are fighting to stay out of the remaining relegation slot.
Stoke V Newcastle should be a good game. The market expects a low scorer and on paper it should be. I'll be dutching the low scores but it wouldn't surprise me to have to make some smart moves in the latter part of the game.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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