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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So glad it was a red.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? True though. Yesterday's trade was a 0-0 and I'm glad of it. It could've been avoided had I read what was in front of me. Amongst my stats was one indicator that should have stopped me getting involved. It wasn't ignored, you have to know something is there to ignore it, I simply didn't see it. Not only did this same indicator help me in avoiding a loss in Germany at the weekend, it actually prompted me to back 0-0, (as per Sunday's post). The reason I'm glad of the red is because it tells me, in no uncertain terms, I need to step away, take a proper break from football and come back with fresh eyes. It was my intention to lay off and look at things anyway but now it will be a full stop on football for at least a week. With the internationals, timing couldn't be better.

Conversely, the horse trading goes from strength to strength. Yesterday was the best profit day yet. There were still losing races and one which could have been a great deal worse but overall it was very good. Apart from the things I have picked up as a member of a new service and my very slowly increasing skill level, yesterday's success can be put down to just one thing - Camtasia. This piece of software allows you to record what's happening on your screen, so you can examine what was good and bad after the race. Using my Skype headset, I was able to talk through what I was doing and why, then laugh out loud and disagree with myself when watching it back. Using a tool like this instantly makes you more disciplined because you know you will be scrutinising yourself afterwards. They won't pay me and there's no link between me and them but, highly recommend giving it a go, there's a 30 day free trial.

Not even looking at the coupon... Whatever you trade, stay green.

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  1. Would be interesting to learn more about your filters/indicators. What you write now becomes a bit "secret".

    How many filters/indicators do you have? And do you apply them one by one for every game for your game selection?