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Friday, 21 October 2011

Thank Crunchie..!

That's Robin Friday. 
Normally Friday's are short on time for me, but I've damaged a tendon in my foot and am confined to barracks.
Despite being a full time trader for getting on for three years, like anyone in a 9 to 5, I still get really excited about Friday. Those in a 9-5 might be excited about having time with friends and family, relaxing etc, my excitement comes from knowing that the Weekend was invented for sport and Friday means there is a plethora of sporting action about to unfold, and that means opportunity.
The liquidity in nag trading goes through the roof on a Saturday and, with tomorrow having the first of this season's Aintree meetings, there should be a glut.
Like most, I'll be watching the Manc derby but, unless something crops up in-play, it will be in spectator mode only.

In waiting for the Stoke v Maccabi match, for some reason I tortured myself by watching the Krakow v Fulham game. It was like being at school in a lesson you hate, when you feel like a half hour must have passed, only to find the clock is just two minutes further forward. They should get the Pools panel in for some games to save everyone the trouble.
Last night's trade went well. Stoke kept up their impressive run in the Europa League and secured 100% by HT. The game looked spiky from the off and I stole a price in the Sending Off market, Jerome duly obliged on 42 minutes. The draw price of 4.9, to me, seemed good value but the market dipped as low as 4.5 before jumping back up just before KO.

One pick for today - Fortuna D. v H. Rostock. The away side are new to B2 and are finding it tough. Fortuna are 100% at Home and remain unbeaten this campaign.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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