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Monday, 10 October 2011

Utd never cost me so much!

On Saturday we attended a charity auction in aid of the Downs Syndrome Association. As the auction began, Mrs. Lambretta made her way to the Ladies. She returned five minutes later to find me receiving a standing ovation for being the winning bidder on a Box at Old Trafford, for any game, including Champions League. I've never been to OT and to have the choice of game was too good an opportunity to miss. No, I couldn't afford it, really. And yes, I did receive the bollocking of all bollockings later. But sometimes, these things just have to be done. Plus, it's for a fantastic cause. 
Matthew Lorenzo was the compere, (remember him?), bloody good he was too. There were some other real bargains to be had, a Spurs shirt singed by VDV, signed Lions shirt, loads of Celtic and Rangers stuff and a huge array of non sport related bits. Much as it would've been good to pick up some more memorabilia, the likelihood of my still being married on Sunday morning may have been somewhat remote.

Saturday's trading was very good again, which is just as well. Couple of silly errors that stopped it being the best day yet but still comparable with the rest of the week.
I have received a couple of requests for the details of the service I signed up to. In relation to what this service has achieved for me already, the sign up cost is cheap. The support is personal, rapid and encouraging. 
I'm signed up, so there's no commission in this for me, I'm always happy to plug a service that I believe to be good. There is a limit to member numbers for, what will become on sign up, obvious reasons. 

Along with a box at OT, Saturday delivered a raging hangover, which still has hold. No trading of any sort today. 

Whatever you trade, stay green. Whatever you buy, do it on your own.


  1. Lamb

    Great blog blog- I cant believe its taken me this long to find it as you never mentioned it in the "green room " over at TF

    Added you to my blog list

    Cheers Geoff

  2. Geoff, took me a while to track him down as well mate! Likes to hide his light under a bushel, our lamb!

  3. Cheers Geoff.

    Far from it, Gun. I had no idea there would be any audience for my simple prose.