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Friday, 11 November 2011

Commerce, the X Factor and the size of the opportunity.

I'm sitting on a busy train,
making my way to London to get drunk, play cards and be silly with my mates. It's been hectic few days and this is the first chance I've had to update the blog.
Soon I'll be catching up with a mate. Amongst many other things, we'll be discussing trading the X Factor. So far, it's gone very well for me, that was until Frankie did a bit too much nosebag and royally farked up my green book. More annoyingly, Amelia Lily has never been out of the betting, somebody knew something. Every time I looked at the market, I thought about having a silly fiver, then changed my mind. That fiver would now be worth about £450. There's a stand on my desk which states "Opportunities always look bigger going than coming." Never more true than now.

Further to recent posts about trading psychology, there's another aspect worth considering. You cannot be an overly moralistic or principled person of you are going to succeed. Sports trading is not commerce, buying something for a quid and selling it for two is commerce. Rinsing another trader's account because you knew the market better is sports trading. If this question never raises itself to you, you have the perfect mindset for trading. You might also be a callous bastard, but you could be a fairly wealthy one.

Nag trading continues to go from strength to strength. Tuesday still remains my best day yet but Wednesday and Thursday were both better than the previous best. One race on Thursday bagged more than 400% of stake. Stakes are due to go up in December, it might get really scary then.

Still no football for me. A welcome day off.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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