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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

England are value.

Over the last three months I have been backing England for Euro2012. Each time I watch them play, they reinforce my confidence and then more is added to my long term trade.
Though only a friendly, it was surprising not to see the England price contract, even slightly, after the win over Spain. Now, after overcoming the hoodoo of Sweden and doing so with very much a second eleven, the price still has remained the same.
England are better now than they have been for a very long time, in my opinion. With a new breed of very talented players coming through, mixed with some of the old guard, they can only get better.
Will they win? Maybe. More importantly will they trade a great deal lower than they currently are? Yes. I'm certain of it. My money is where my mouth is.

As suggested, the England v Sweden game was dutched to great success. Confidence in including the correct score in my list was so high that my usual dutching stakes were increased x4.
The Ireland v Estonia draw looked a very decent shout and, with the price shooting out to 10's after the first goal, it was very profitable.

Roll on the weekend. This lack of decent football is giving me withdrawal...

Stay green.

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