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Monday, 21 November 2011

The fall that follows pride.

Battered, bruised, forlorn, dizzy and sapped of all energy, I walked away from my desk on Saturday. That most inevitable of days finally came to quash any thoughts of having mastered the nag markets.
It's not unusual for me to begin the day with a red, first race etc, but the second was a red too, a big one. I'm not a subscriber to the idea of stopping trading when these things happen, for me it just makes the approach to the next days trading all the more daunting. That said, if my mental state were not right, walking away would be the right option but my emotional state was still a positive one. A decent green on the next race before yet another hit. This led to much examination from which I was confident the issues were pin-pointed. Another decent green on the next and then another medium sized red. This certainly was time to stop.
Some of my own rules were broken and the price was paid but, equally, the markets behaved in a way I'm not familiar with. This last sentence is very telling, I'm expecting the markets to behave a certain way and any trader worth his salt knows one thing has nothing to do with the other and the markets are entirely unpredictable. It's a good lesson learnt and today will see a certain temperance within my trading. The biggest battle today will be to ensure it is temperance and not timidity.

Thankfully my old comfort blanket of football was there to wrap me up and put back some much needed confidence.
Friday night went well. Two good dutches in Bundesliga2. Paderborn was based on the 2-1 and that's how it finished. Duisburg was based on the 1-1 but that was 2-0 at HT, so a few sharp lays scored a small green.
Saturday was even better. My hope was to lay the draw after Arsenal went ahead and back 1-1. When Norwich went ahead they were cheap to lay and Arsenal equalised soon after.
The Everton v Wolves dutch went swimmingly as did the Swansea v Man U one.
Newcastle were unlucky against City. They defended really well and looked like keeping them out until a silly penalty was awarded. 3-1 was covered and it ended a scratch. (I try not to be negative about anyone and wouldn't wish harm to anybody's person but Mario Ballotelli is truly testing my last saintly nerve).
The B. Munich v Dortmund game was a draw lay for me, I closed for scratch on the Dortmund winner on 65 minutes.
Got back in time for the second half of Chelsea v Liverpool and immediately laid Liverpool. When the game hit 60 minutes, I began drip laying the draw, all were matched except the last at 1.25. Nice green on the football account for the weekend.

Villa have done well away so far this season, drawing four of the last five, but Spurs are a hungry animal right now and 'Arry is said to be back in the dug out tonight. The draw price is a little high at 4.5, so I'll wait until nearer KO before making a decision.
Can't really see an angle on the Bochum v Cottbus game but it's on Betfair video and will be worth a watch for some in-play bits.

Whatever you trade, stay green.


  1. great post as ever, your blog is a very insightful and informative read, long may it continue.

  2. Thanks wilf. Glad you're enjoying it.