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Monday, 14 November 2011

Taking the positives

Friday night was spent on the black stuff and, though I didn't have that many, a lack of sleep meant feeling very tired on sitting down to trade on Saturday afternoon. Knowing that my brain wasn't fully compos, tentative steps were made into the first race and a decent profit found. Confidence and focus increased, I approached the second with a bit more gusto, which cost 40% of the bank!
The first positive in the afternoon came from my emotional reaction to this, I barely had one. The ladders were opened for the third and I traded that and the next 7/8 races like a demon. Regaining the losses and adding just over 30% to the bank. This was the second positive - An ability to turn around a big red to a big green.
Over the remaining races, I could feel myself becoming more and more tired and this was reflected in the continually decreasing greens. An internal argument took place, the rational Lambretta being beaten by the greedy Lambretta. On the very last race of the day my reactions were ridiculously slow and 60% of the profit regained after the initial disaster was gifted back to the market.
The third positive, strangely not one I had been previously forced to learn - know when to stop. Making any profit means a good day's trading but coming back from a big dent and picking up all these positives made it a fantastic day.

Wasn't really that interested in the England game other than to see how well the team continued to gel. When England scored though, the market presented a great opportunity to back England and back 1-1 without any real fear of loss. It could've been arbed but I pushed the profit on to the 1-1 as Spain looked like getting the equaliser. They were, as ever, a joy to watch. Surprisingly, so were England. Very well organised at the back,  steadfast in midfield and industrious up front. Scott Parker is a revelation to this team and epitomises the spirit that has so long been lacking in the England squad.
I've already backed England for Euro2012, had another go on Saturday and will add to it over the remaining games leading up to next Summer. We haven't beaten Sweden in 43 years but I'll be surprised if we don't tomorrow. Worth a dutch I think.

No football.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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