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Monday, 28 November 2011

A welcome break and some re-learning

Had a few days off from most trading. The refurb of Lambretta Towers needs to be finished before Xmas, but the real benefit of being away from the markets has been exactly that - being away from the markets.
Prior to this little break I was becoming all consumed, particularly by nag trading. Consequently I was making mistakes. A great deal of time has been spent mentally re-learning the skills and rules learnt from Though I'm still using a bastardised version of these rules, it became obvious I had evolved them too far and therefore the edge they offer was no longer there. Today has been really refreshing in that I have traded totally within my rules and scored a very nice green, despite some mistakes, and still going. As my old friend Gundulf said "If it ain't broke..."
It becomes very easy to take a macro view on your situation when you remove yourself from it for a while, and a great deal easier to pinpoint errors.

I have been doing some football but not much. Laid a couple of draws at the weekend, West Ham was a nice 100%. Fulham were laid cheaply after going ahead, though the game did end with a small red after I drip laid 1-1. Only caught the very end of the Liverpool v City game which looked like a good game for the neutral but not the trader. Might have a dabble with Charlton v Huddersfield later but only in-play.
Tottenham did me anther massive favour by scoring the away win at W. Brom.

The Euro2012 draw is on Friday at 4.45pm on BBC2. This makes for great trading opportunities, if you can be quick. I'm still confident my England trade will be profitable and will certainly take some more should they drift, based on who is in their group.

X Factor could not have been better for me. Laid Misha B on Saturday as an outright and then laid Janet at 10's(!?) just before the eviction show. Really nice green on the remainder. Though I hope LittleMix win it, Marcus looks the winner but I fear he may become another Leon... whatever his name was.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

BTW - I think Mark at HRT(!) has opened up a few more spots.

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