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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Back on track

Before racing began yesterday, I spent a couple of hours watching and re-watching my own Camtasia videos, recorded when I first began using these new nag trading techniques. It was a very worthwhile exercise, for two reasons. Firstly, it showed me, once again, that I had veered a long way from the original techniques and rules. These were re-employed yesterday and a very nice green was taken from all but two races from twenty four. Much of the loss from the previous two days was recouped. The other thing that has been missing from my nag trading, which I was totally unaware of, is how much I had been enjoying it. My own dulcet tones coming over the audio to each video, proved that I was having a great time during each trading session. The level of confidence needed to return to the same amount of glee is still lacking but I expect it to return shortly.

Whilst yesterday's nags went well, annoyingly, the football did not. The prices weren't great value but 0-1 was covered from the off, in addition to other scores, in the Besiktas v Stoke game. As soon as Upson was ordered from the field and the resulting penalty was converted, I closed for a loss, 3-1 at FT.
I'll be trying a similar set of scores tonight for Brugge v Braga. Were I laying the draw this month, though I haven't studied the game, I'd likely be LTD in the Birmingham v Maribor game.

Short on time today as Lambretta Jr. stars in his first Nativity this afternoon, he's a shepherd. I'm taking a drawing pin in my pocket, to push into my leg, to stop me weeping in front of the yummy Mummy's.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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