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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pride of Manchester?

Recently I made a charity donation to secure a pair of tickets to any Man Utd Home game, including Champions League. Only this week I phoned to confirm for the first Champions League Home game in February. Now it seems, I shall be watching Man Utd v Maccabi Plzen Kiev Dogshit or some other spurious team. Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't regret the donation. It went to a great cause, but it would have been even better spent had Utd drawn one of Europe's big guns and I was there to see it.
A friend of mine, Man Utd fan, was set to be joining me and he, obviously, was a little disappointed. After further discussion we agreed that, as City are looking likely title winners, our predicament may not be that bad. Whilst Fergie will always be optimistic about getting back in title race, it could be that the Europa League may be their saving grace this season.
Against my better judgement, I did get involved with the Utd dutch. Even though I'd seen that Wellbeck wasn't starting and Park was. Valencia should have come on, at the earliest, at HT. Why he added the hapless Macheda, is beyond me. Still he's not the most successful club manager for nothing...
The game was a success for me in the end. The HT 0-0 was very low at 3.25, which was laid and as soon as Basel scored the second, I laid them at 1.04, small liability and big chance Utd would get at least one. Greened at 1.15 after the Utd goal. For those wishing to know the moves made on the dutch to secure a scratch, 1-0 was backed at 13.5 for 10% of stake, then laid late on to add 2-0.

Nothing for today.

Those of you viewing this blog through Chrome will have likely seen a message suggesting there may be malware attached to this site. I've looked into it. Apparently, someone who once read an article about malware, farted on the same Tube carriage as the author of soccerbythenumbers and Google has decided this tenuous link is dangerous to your computer... Read more at your peril.

Whatever you trade, stay green.


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