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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Remember, remember double stakes in December

So much going on right now, it's difficult to find the time to post. Each morning my phone goes off, telling me which part of the Lambretta Towers re-furb needs to be completed that day. Messers Farrow & Ball will be having their annual holiday courtesy of Mrs. Lambretta next year.

Despite my optimism, November didn't finish as well as I had hoped. It did, however, finish with more than double the profit of October and, considering this is only the second full month, I think I can be justly proud with how it did finish.
My intention was always to increase stakes in December, which I've done. Thursday is the only day traded so far and that finished with a very nice green, despite an early lack of liquidity. Today's cards are good and should hold many opportunities. now has it's own chat room facility which, though only two days old, is proving a great addition. Good, experienced traders, as well as newbies, assisting each other and offering ideas. Plus helping each other make a few quid on other sports. Just how a chat room should be.

Not much football done this week but those traded have been profitable. A dutch at Stoke on Thursday included 1-1 and with a late lay of 0-1 proved a very nice green. Yesterday's Leverkusen game was a stand out LTD, I let it run until 70 minutes, only for them to get the winner on 74! A set and go dutch, with 1-1, on the Palace v Derby game capped a short Friday evening of trading.

The coupon for today is no that promising on the LTD front. Haven't had a full look yet but I don't see there being many, if at all.
Last season I had the Villa v Man Utd game pegged at 2-2 and that's how it finished. Can't see it this year. Mcleish is killing a Villa side who were making slow but steady progress, I suspect today will be another nail in their coffin. A draw if they're very lucky. A straight forward dutch for me.

Tonight sees the Semi Final of this year's X Factor. Initially I had Marcus down to win it but he's become a bit of a crooner and likens himself to Jackie Wilson, a comparison I fail to see in anything other than the 'tache, and Jackie is a God in my eyes so, I've decided to green up my back of Marcus, (I got him at 26) and will lay him back. Little Mix are very current and Tulisa has won the young voters. Amelia Lily is very credible but will the public allow a re-entry to win? Misha will go tomorrow.

Yesterday's Euro2012 draw was excellent for trading. I got matched on France and had a little bit more on England just before the draw began. Every man and his dog seems to think I'm bonkers in backing England but, as I've posted before, I have the same feeling about England as I did about Holland last year, they will go close. The concern for them now is to avoid Spain by winning the group, worst case for me though, if they do get Spain, I can lay them in that single game. A great position to be in. As for France, they are on the up. Laurent Blanc, who looks the real deal to me, has not seen a defeat since his tenure began. Again, worst case, I can trade their individual games in the group, if necessary.

After getting spammed by some moron without a life away from his keyboard, my Twitter account has been suspended, so I can't post any trades or in-play moves. Sorry.

Whatever you trade, stay green.


  1. EURO2012 draw was excellent for the trade. I've adapted to France and had started a little more to England shortly before the draw.

    Day trading help

  2. Leverkusen scored the winner in the 10th minute last night.

  3. Leverkusen scored what would've been a 100% winner for me on 74 minutes.

    You seem to be something of a pedant, Cassini. If you can't leave comments of a positive or constructive nature, I'd rather you didn't leave any at all.