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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A great start to 2012

Finally, I find some time to put virtual pen to paper.

Whilst fairly quiet, Xmas was most enjoyable. My favourite part of the whole proceedings, outside of watching Lambretta Jr opening his giant, remote controlled, digger and his "peeyown fing" or, as we might refer to it, a toy rocket launcher, is the food. We spoilt ourselves this year with Waitrose catering, totally worth the money. Not just because the Xmas dinner was amazing but because the Boxing Day Bubble and Squeek was the best I've had. Then follows the ridiculous amounts of chocolate and mince pies and Yule log etc. It is against my own internal law to have these desserts without ice cream, brandy butter and/or double cream. Consequently, I have a few additional pounds to remove.
My other favourite part of Xmas was watching the great Kauto Star win the King George. Watching sporting history is always magical but watching a horse, with whom most racing fans have a love affair, triumph in such a way was fantastic. Long may he reign.

The Xmas period was very good to me trading wise. A nice few football trades and, despite Boxing Day being a low profit day, the nags brought a good number to finish of the year nicely.

Being only two weeks from the arrival of Lambretta III, New Years Eve was a quiet one for us. I took advantage and, whilst waiting for Jools Holland to announce the count down, I set about working out my average loss figure for my nag trading. This is not a P&L blog, so I won't be disclosing my profit figure. Suffice to say it is greater than the loss figure stated here. But I wanted to understand the loss figure in order to improve my overall trading profit. I made a total of 533 nag trades in December, 82 of which were losers. The loss figure for the month of December was just over £5200. As I traded 26 days in December, my average daily loss figure is £200. So, I'm making an average of 3 losing trades per day, with an average loss figure of £66.66p. The number one focus, at least for the first quarter, will be reducing that figure.

Two nice trades last night - How City were available at 2's is beyond me but a back with cover on 0-0, 0-1 and 1-1 meant a very nice green. I'd kept an eye on the Bristol City v Millwall. At HT there had been 12 shots on target, I dripped laid the 0-0 all the way down to 1.25, which just failed to get matched before Bristol got the winner.

Haven't had a proper look at tonight but both Everton and Man U look short to me. I'll post on Twitter if I get involved. @layingthedraw

Happy New Year to you all. Let's make it a green one.


  1. hi re drip laying the draw do add liability at certain price points.

  2. Hi Mike.

    The starting point varies, depending on how soon I think the goal will come,
    but I'll drip down, for the same liability, at .25 increments or as close as I can get to it.

    Good luck.

  3. Wishing you a very successful and green 2012, keep posting

  4. Hi

    I'm new to trading, i want to know where the best place to start is. Do you have any advice or an old post I can read?


  5. Try not to take in too much too quickly, Jon. There is a lot of info out there these days, most of it is re-hashed rubbish. If you want to trade football, take the free trial at
    If you want to trade nags, watch as many YouTube vids as you can, (Betfair trading), to get an idea of the principle, then trawl through the forums for more specific info.
    It won't be easy. No one will give up there's, so you'll need to find your own edge.

    Good luck.