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Monday, 30 January 2012

I am Bill Murray and I laid Villa.

Fairly sure, much like the aforementioned actor in the oft mentioned Groundhog Day, I could've learnt to play the piano, speak another language, etc, etc in the time it is taking for Lambretta the 3rd to bloody well turn up. We are now ten days late. Fortunately, the doctors have give us an inducement date of Friday this week so, he should be here, touch wood, please God, four magpies, by Sunday latest. Anyway, I'll keep you posted, through posting, as to what transpires

I had taken some time off from trading football seriously for a couple of weeks, mainly because I didn't think I would have time, but also because I felt I needed a break from it, which is never a bad thing to take, when the chance arises. Yesterday made for an interesting day to make a return. A very tidy profit had been made from the Ffos Las and Leopardstown cards and I was winding things up to get stuck into the Arsenal v Villa game. As my last intended race was ending, I looked to see I had made a very nice, slightly larger than expected profit from it. Realising a moment later that a lay position was still open on the favourite who was duly bolting up. All but £0.87p of the days profit was wiped out. I can take loss but when it's due to utter stupidity, (I hadn't traded the fav, it was just a rogue mouse click), it pisses me off.
Thank Crunchie then that my football Mojo had returned. I backed 0-0 and Unders at Arsenal, confident that a goal would not come before the half hour mark, (avg goal time in football is 27 minutes), it didn't and I closed both out for a nice green. I was about to lay Villa at 0-1, was called away briefly and glad of it when I saw the score had reached 0-2 and it was HT. This had opportunity written all over it. Did I really think that Arsenal wouldn't score at Home? Did I really believe Villa had a 66% chance of wining the game as the odds suggested? No, I absolutely did not. So, an over priced 1-2 was backed to cover the liability on a lay of Villa. Such was my confidence, I went and watched a movie with Lambretta Jr. with futbol24 updates ready on the phone. The reward came swifter than expected. Despite the schoolboy error on the nags, the day ended on a high.

Nothing for me today. Whatever you trade, stay green.

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