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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Living in Limbo and having a bet

Lambretta the 3rd was due last Friday but is yet to put in an appearance. Mrs. Lambretta is today going for a "Stretch & Sweep", which sounds rather unsavoury to me. Hopefully, it will push things along a bit, it's like Groundhog day here at Lambretta Towers.
As mentioned in the previous post, my focus will be on nags for the foreseeable future, as it fits with the schedule better. But I'm having football withdrawal and have decided to have straight forward dutch bets (without trading in-play). Futbol24's iPhone app is particularly good for goal updates, which will be handy during feeding times etc...
I'll be posting my dutch bets on Twitter each day, @layingthedraw, if you wish to follow them.

As ever, whatever you trade, stay green.

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