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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mancunian impostors and the influence of price.

Who the fark are they? Who is this gaggle of non-directional geese that are currently filling in for Man Utd?

The Xmas fixture list is often a little weird in it's results and stakes have been adjusted accordingly, but in which universe do you Man Utd get beat at home by a very poor footballing side, lose two league games in a row, concede 6 goals in two games and, more importantly, look like a mid table side on the brink of sliding further down? Evidently that universe is this one.
Since becoming a football trader my allegiances have faded away and watching the game played well, by which ever team, is a real pleasure. It does though become very annoying when the teams who generally play the game better than most fail to do so. Last night's game was good. Newcastle played Utd off the park and fully deserved their win. My expectation was of a good, hard fought game with both sides giving their best but Utd really let everyone down, especially their fans. (Apparently there is a day of mourning in London...)

My disappointment stems from two sources. In February, I've a special day out booked to watch Utd play Ajax in the Europa League. The hope is that this tournament will be the saving grace for Fergie's boys and they will put everything into winning it, and therefore make this game in-particular a good one to watch.
The second reason is that I dutched Utd winning score and draw lines last night. I also laid he HT 0-0, which covered any loss from the dutch but they just didn't turn up. Apparently, the same can be said for Everton, who had to rely on their keeper to score for them, then went down 1-2 to Bolton. I dutched 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, took cover on 0-0 at HT then scratched after the goal, as the stats did not read well.

The really stupid thing about all of this is that in yesterday's post I suggested both Utd and Everton were short at their respective prices! And, rather than trade around that fact, based on those prices, I stupidly got involved expecting the market to be correct. Any good trader knows that finding value and trading against opinion is, by far, the most profitable route to take. Evidently, this is a lesson I need to learn again.
Though there were no profits from the football, there were no losses either. It was a great day on the nags though. A great profit and the focus on reducing the average loss figure paid dividends - Four losing races from 3 cards and the worst race was a £4 loss. Very, very happy about that. If I can be half as good as that for the rest of the month, January could be fantastic.

No football today.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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