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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paternity leave

Lambretta the 3rd is due on Friday of this week. Mrs. Lambretta is surprisingly able and dexterous considering she looks like she is carrying quads, (it is only one), which is fortunate as there is still much for us to do in preparation and readiness for the big day. Therefore, I shall be refraining from any kind of blog activity until such a time when schedule and responsibility allow. Most regular readers will know that my posts have become somewhat sparse since the turn of the year anyway, due to the continuing demands of a nesting mother.
My trading activity will also be reduced over the coming weeks, for obvious reasons, and is likely to revolve mainly around nag trading as this fits better with all that will be going on. The break from football will be good for my trading, I fear my radar is currently off. It must be. At the weekend I suggested Bothroyd knew how to score! And last night, despite all stats suggesting otherwise, I laid the Under 4.5 market at Wigan...

Hopefully my lack of posting will not be for too long, I very much enjoy it and the feedback even more. So, until my return. Whatever you trade, stay green.

Lambretta Sr.


  1. All the very best with everything, Lamb.

    For what it's worth I'm in need of a new shirt after the Citeh match as well :-(

  2. All the best with everything mate, Enjoy!!

  3. hope everythin goes well for you and Mrs. Lamb.