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Friday, 13 January 2012

Trappy cards and Gremlins

In the middle of a trade I needed to exit yesterday, the ghost in the machine popped up and wouldn't let me red up. A large lump done at the start of the day meant fighting all the way through the afternoon to get it back. Some how I managed to finish the day with a decent profit. Betfair were particularly unhelpful in trying to identify the issue. None of my peers could shed any light either. Consequently, the gremlins were left with the blame. It's hard enough pitting your wits against other traders, dealing with Betfair's unreliability and overcoming your own faults, then having to deal with unidentifiable tech issues. It's a dog's life...

Very trappy cards across all of this week's football. I've been sticking with dutching and had hoped there would be some opportunities on the card to return to LTD. Only four Prem games, from this weekend, qualify on price.
Chelsea should beat Sunderland but there's unrest in the dressing room and nothing steadfast in the Blues' recent form. If anything, at 5's, the draw  looks a few ticks too high.
Liverpool are unbeaten at home in all competitions but, with six draws from eleven games, who would trust them?
Following their, rather silly, defeat to Fulham, Arsenal also cannot be trusted to go ahead at Swansea. 
The draw price at Newcastle looks tempting but with QPR now having Hughes at the helm, there's no telling how the team will respond. In short, I'l be sticking to the dutches this weekend. I'll post the dutched scores on Twitter.

Whatever you trade, stay green. 

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