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Friday, 17 February 2012

Indefatigable. Not!

Baby drain and baby brain walk abroad in Lambretta Towers. Lambretta Jr has taken to waking up earlier than usual, whilst Lambretta the 3rd is incapable of burping properly, so we are forced to wait until he can produce, what can only be described as, a Dad fart. After which he promptly falls asleep. Sadly, said fart can take some time to emit, and we are left in fart limbo, desperate for sleep.
A return to the corporate world, (see yesterday's post), is becoming more attractive, on the basis that I would be relieved of some child care duties, in order to function during the working day.

Last night was okay but could've been a lot better. Ajax have had issues this season but, rightly or wrongly, I did expect better from them. I backed 1-2 at 10's, pre KO, then scalped 0-0 to leave scratch. When Utd scored their first I hoped for an Ajax equaliser. When Utd got their second I was able to take a small but decent green.
Porto are a great side to watch and being confident of them putting real pressure on the City goal early on, I laid City at KO, greened after 1-0, then laid Porto back for my green.
The Stoke game was disappointing. There was nothing to take pre KO but my expectations were of a decent game to trade in-play. That ended with an annoying but acceptable red.
Not much to go at today. Reading v Burnley is a swerve but I might take a bit 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 at Hoffenheim.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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