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Monday, 13 February 2012

...those two impostors the same..,

The weekend delivered two really contrasting days, and was a stark example of why we should never allow emotions to creep into our trading.
Much has been written and spoken about trading psychology, not least on this blog, but I'm not waxing lyrical on that topic today.
Saturday's nag trading began very well but then I opened the ladder for the fifth race, entered far too quickly and without anything like the right level of prep and, justly, put a big dent in the bank. I'd put up three dutches for the day - Man Utd v Liverpool was text book and a great start but I ended with a scratch on Everton and a rare full stake loss after Spurs killed the game in the first 25 minutes.
In contrast, Sunday couldn't have been better. Every traded race was done so to a profit. HT 0-0 was laid at Wolves, as was the 1-2, both to very nice greens. Then a simple and value filled Dutch, which included 0-1 and only three other scores, at Villa.

The moral? Having an edge is what makes successful traders. Knowing that, in the long run, that edge will always put you in profit.

Nothing for today.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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