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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A-V-B, F-R-O!

As an ex, long term, Chelsea fan I find it staggering that Roman has allowed Villash Boash to remain in the post. Jose Mourinho, the true father of Chelsea Football Club, was pushed out despite enormous success. And further managers have had short lived Chelsea careers for doing a damn sight better than this hapless incumbant.
Chelsea not only failed to get past Birmingham at home, they actually went 0-1 down to them. They did not look strong last night, their fortuitous goal was against the run of play and not one member of the side looked confident. It must be said that, other than leaving out Ashley Cole, who came on early anyway, I do not disagree with AVB's team selection. It's not the players on the field that are causing the problem, it's the collective lack of belief and confidence in the manager himself.

Despite the number of goals in Napoli, it was still a good night for trading. Real Madrid did just enough, as expected. I missed the first goal but scalped the 0-1 down for a decent green. I also missed the chance to enter the low score dutch in Napoli, which was a blessing, but a Chelsea lay was nailed on after their goal.

Will likely go in-play on most tonight but City v Porto... Porto love to go forward, have nothing to lose and City, as we know, are very good at home. Between them they have an avg of 4.08 goals Home and Away. At 1.19, I'll be laying U4.5 goals.
Basel v Bayern - Something around 0-2, 1-2, 0-3.

Whatever you trade, stay green.

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