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Friday, 10 February 2012

What a difference a year makes...

When the really bad weather hit last year and decimated all the horse racing fixtures, whilst I had some sympathy for those that make their living from it, with most of the football going ahead as programmed, I took very little notice. Now, thanks to the arrival of Lambretta the 3rd and our resulting changing schedule, my outgoings are almost reliant upon horse racing going ahead. Hats off to the BHA for rallying and getting additional cards together on the All Weather but all these good jump meetings being abandoned has certainly done some damage to this month's P&L. Let's hope the weather can clear for the second half of the month.
There is some real irony here. I'd given up the ghost with nag trading, one brief email conversation back in September changed all that. Fortunately the bills can still be paid through football but I'd gotten used to my football trading now being the source of spoil myself pin money.

Today's footballing fodder will come from Germany. And the opportunities may lie in the 2.5 goal market. At 1.8 the O2.5 is a little low in the Wolfsburg game, providing a goal does not come too early, I'll look to take that on in-play. Available 2.06, the Frankfurt Overs looks value.

Whatever you trade, stay green and stay warm.

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