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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Yet another nag endeavour

Such is my confidence with trading nags in-running, the decision was made to try my hand at trading pre race again. There was no intention to just go in blindly and see how I got on, that type of thinking has long been left behind. My objective then, was to discover a service that might be able to give me what had been lacking before. Pretty much every search term you can think of was typed into Google but only the usual suspects ever came up. By chance, (and I'm beginning to think chance doesn't exist), I came across a service that offered mentoring and a tailored solution based around what together, that being the service provider and I, would discover to be my weaknesses. Very similar to, this service offers very few memberships, in order to ensure the right level of focus for the members, which I always find reassuring.
My first task is to record an afternoon of pre race trading and send that video to the service provider, so he is able to either confirm or deny what I believe my weaknesses to be and no doubt add to the list.
I'm already encouraged. Though the service seems only to be two or three months old and the video library on offer is currently very small, I have to say it's very good in detail and, were I trading today, I should be confident of being just ever so slightly better than I was before watching those videos.
As always, my progress or lack of it will be detailed here.

There won't be any trading today of any sort as tonight, finally, I get to enjoy my charity auction win in The Executive Club of Old Trafford. It was my hope that Ajax would put up a better fight at home, so tonight's game would offer some end to end action but, I fear, Fergie may put out half a side and coast through. I'm sure it will still be very enjoyable.

Last night was okay. The U4.5 lay at City came good, mainly thanks to the very early goal, which kept the price fairly high. I had small liabilities, took a little cover, then greened up after the fourth.
After dutching Bayern win scores, I simply backed 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 at HT for scratch, which is what I ended with.

Whatever you trade stay green.

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