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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The calm after the storm

Cheltenham is over for another year. Not convinced it will go down as one of the greatest but it was good, both from a racing fan and trading perspective. The week ended very well and, surprisingly, the liquidity continued into most of yesterday. 
In addition to the bank growing nicely over the four days, many lessons were learnt. Most poignant would be forgetting about money and simply trading what's in front of me. Usually I have a target set for the day/week/month, which will keep me on track. But, more recently, I have found myself forcing the trade and getting involved when really the opportunities are not there. So, last week I turned off the account balance feature of AGT and just traded. The results are evident and I shall continue in this vain, not least because I find I am a great deal more relaxed and enjoying the action even more. From four cards traded yesterday, only one race finished with a red. 
Didn't like yesterday's football card at all. I did get involved with Fulham v Swansea, backing 1-0 and 2-1 and also laying Under 1.5, I ended with a scratch.
Today isn't that much better and, should I get the time away from Mother's Day, I'll focus on in-play. The one definite trade I shall be taking is LTD at Wolves, above my normal draw odds but I'll be dutching 1-1 & 2-2, currently available at very decent numbers and leaving the opportunity for a very decent green. 

I'm dabbling in a little dobbing on the dobbins - I've picked these out to trade 30% lower than SP
Well Green 1.45pm
Knapp Bridge Boy 2.15pm
Simonside 3.30pm
Etxalar 4.00pm

Whatever you trade, stay green and send Fabrice some love. Come on brother, you can do it. 

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