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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The greatest Betfair trading prize bundle you're ever likely to see, and it's all for charity.

Let me get this bit out of the way first, then you can get to the really good bit.
In September, I'm cycling from London to Paris, in aid of Doctors of the World. A fantastic charity who do some really incredible work in war torn, poverty and disaster stricken areas. 
My target is to raise £1400, which doesn't sound like much, but this amount can help literally thousands of women and children. 
In order to reach and hopefully exceed this target, I contacted all the Betfair trading services and software providers I have used and asked them to donate prizes to help the cause. Each of them has been enormously generous, thanks to which, there is now a massive bundle of prizes to be raffled through this blog. There are a couple of runner up prizes but one lucky winner will scoop everything you see listed below...
(The opinions that accompany each prize listing are my own, but I have paid for and continue to profit from using each and every one of these tools, I therefore feel qualified to give that opinion). - 6 month subscription.
The best online trading community. You are guaranteed to learn from these guys and their members. They now have a new Nag trading room too. Newbie or veteran this is a great service to be part of.

Zero Hype - 3 months subscription -
The team at Zero Hype are dedicated to helping you become a better, more profitable trader. Their services and customer interaction is exceptional.
ZH Subscribe - A football trade and lay bet service
ZH Ratings - A nag service which also includes the high strike rate Lay of the Day
ZH High Rollers - A very specific nag laying service with a very high strike rate

Pre Match Trading - 3 months subscription
Put together by the enigmatic Emo, this incredible tool can identify price anomalies in the market, allowing you to enter, then wait for the market to correct itself. Take the green, use it as cover in a trade or take it in-play. A must for any football trader. 

Bet Angel Pro - 12 months software subscription.
By far the best, paid for, Betfair trading application on the market. Incorporating Soccer Mystic and Tennis trader price predicition tools. Using BAPro very quickly led to my having a far greater understanding of the markets and how they work.

Trade Shark Tennis - Lifetime membership.
This service has recently won two awards and they are well deserved. You will receive a copy of an e-book with enormously detailed strategy, plus lifetime access to a members only area giving you the trading tips for that day. This is the best tennis trading service and community out there.

Horse Racing Traders - Lifetime membership 
It is no exaggeration for me to say this service totally transformed my P&L. I had given up on nag trading but thought, when I came across this service, I would give it one last try, I now consider myself a pro nag trader... The service had been closed to protect certain aspects within but I managed to persuade the provider to allow just one more member.

Bonus Bagging - Lifetime membership 
I personally made more than £600 using this bank builder, and I didn't take up all the offers. It's free money!

BSN is the football traders database. An exceptionally handy tool that allows you to store your strategies in simple form and also assists in how you plan the trade, entry and exit points etc. It also comes with 12 football trading strategies built in, so you can get cracking straight away. To make things even easier than that, you also get access to Market Matcher, a trade finding tool that identifies which of the twelve strategies to implement in a game. Couldn't be easier. 

If you signed up to these services individually, it would set you back nearly £900.

So, how do you get your hands on this incredible set of prizes? Simple. Go to my JustGiving/jonmurphy page or click on the JustGiving button above, donate £10, or more, make sure you enter your full name or Twitter name and that's it. The winner and runners up will be drawn at random, hopefully by someone impressive from the world of sport, on March 31st. 
Remember, your £10 will not just give you the chance to win these amazing prizes, it will also go an awful long way to securing someone's future. 

Stay green and stay lucky. 



  1. hang on...we donate £10 and we get all that stuff in return? Christmas came early?

  2. Hi Lambretta,

    This sounds like a good cause and a decent opportunity to get some quality trading tools and advice. I'll make a donation very soon and will post your good cause on my blog too.

    I would be nice if you can exchange links too. My blog is