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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Oh, I wish it could be Cheltenham everyday"

An amazing start to the festival.
This is my first year trading Cheltenham and the difference in the markets is incredible. The ability to open an in-running trade without any fear of the market moving against you is astonishing.
Today I'll be increasing stakes again and, rather than trying to trade the other meetings in-running too, I'll use them to practice my pre race trading.
I'm not a betting man anymore, the fact I would've been on Hurricane Fly suggests why, and yet I still had this enormous sense of anticipation and excitement all through yesterday morning. I even baked cakes with Mrs. Lambretta just to kill some time, and to get the mixture bowl after, obviously. A rare round of golf this morning, to fill the void.

There seemed to be a large number of people, on Twitter, who were laying Liverpool last night. They haven't been great at home this season but laying them was not an option for me. It's always cheaper to take scores against a side than lay them outright. If you're prepared to lose X on a straight lay, put that same amount into the Correct Score market and you're likely to see a much safer and better value return.

Only nags for me today. Whatever you trade, stay green.

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